Amy’s mindfulness-based groups are structured toward attunement to self and others and focused on growing compassion toward oneself.

Come as you are–bring your whole, real self and expect to be joined in whatever you are feeling/bringing in. Our focus will be more on exploring feelings, less on explaining our thoughts–paying attention to what you notice within you more than words in our heads/what we think. We will work toward coming into reality rather than staying in our thoughts and believing them to be reality/fully true.

We often fear the strength of our emotions and may try to avoid feelings altogether– we then miss the valuable energy those emotions can provide and the resources to live our lives more fully.
We will start each group with a brief centering and end with a reflection of takeaways from the work. Group potentially explores any/every human experience thereby inherently undoing our aloneness. Focus on attunement to self and joining others provides radical connection you may not experience in other settings.

Amy believes in the power of mindfulness and self compassion to fully heal ourselves. Her background is in hospice social work and systems-oriented group and individual training. Amy is currently an associate therapist at Plumeria Counseling Center and at the Mindful Wellness Center of Austin, supervised by Tammy Brown, LCSW.

Got questions or want to enroll?

Email Plumeria to schedule with Amy Hoffman, LMSW for an individual assessment Purpose of assessment is to cover group norms and expectations, assess clinical appropriateness, and determine if group will be a good fit.


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