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Plumeria Counseling Center in Austin Texas

What’s Different About Plumeria’s Austin Counseling Services?

We offer assessment and counseling services for individuals, children, teens, couples, families & groups in a supportive & convenient Austin location.

Our Austin counseling services include:

  • Psychological & emotional issues, including: depression/mood disorders, anxiety/panic attacks, trauma/grief/loss, eating disorders/body-image, fears/phobias, obsessions/compulsions, life transitions/major life changes, self-esteem issues, spiritual/existential concerns, relationship stress and much more
  • Couples, premarital & marriage counseling
  • Substance abuse addiction recovery, smoking cessation & alcohol counseling
  • Anger management & stress management
  • Social anxiety disorder treatments
  • Parenting issues & learning disorders
  • Career and vocational counseling
  • Grief therapy
  • Life Transitions – young adult, mid-life, and aging related issues
  • Sexuality and Gender issues
  • Mindfulness training, and much more

Austin Licensed Mental Health Professionals

Our approach to counseling is founded on a holistic perspective. Your treatment will encompass the mental, emotional, spiritual, physiological, and interpersonal aspects of your well-being. We have a wide array of professionals on staff including: LPC, LMFT, LCDC, LMSW, LCSW. We look forward to helping you get started on your journey to well-being »