CARE MANAGEMENT AND COUNSELING – Family Caregivers of Adult Children with Mental Health Challenges

Are you struggling with an adult child who suffers from a mental health diagnosis?

adult child who suffers from a mental health diagnosis

Have you resisted accepting the limits of what your adult child seems to be able to accomplish? Are you ‘sick and tired’ of being sick and tired? We are in the midst of an epidemic of mental illness, with most people lacking the time and resources to attend to the sometimes-intense needs of an adult child with moderate to severe mental health challenges. Women in particular are having to contemplate pushing off retirement in order to devote the time, money and care needed to take care of both aging parents and an adult child – and caregiving can take up to 20 hours per week or more!

You are not alone, and you do not have to navigate this challenging path by yourself. Let us help you!

Our team of Licensed, Clinical Social Workers are uniquely qualified to help you and your family navigate complex medical systems, community resources, and challenging family dynamics.

We have spent years familiarizing ourselves with the complex web of mental health services in Central TX – and no challenge is too complex or difficult. We got this!

Intensive Case Management Services are provided based on a hourly fee. Medicare accepted for some services (with some providers), and services can be bundled for a reduced monthly fee.

Please contact us to schedule a complimentary initial phone consultation.

Social Work Care Management

Because you need help managing your loved one’s medical appointments and chronic mental health issues, and you are located away or have a full time job that affords you little time for yourself let alone your loved ones. Because we all need a helping hand, and research shows that weekly social work visits decrease number of hospitalizations and relapse risk. Period. We can help.

Access to Community Resources

Because you are overwhelmed and uninformed about the myriad of community resources available to you and your family – including respite care, supportive housing, personal care services, support groups, access to mental Health resources, support groups for family members – to name just a few. We got you covered.

Individual and Family Counseling

Because let’s face it, sometimes the biggest challenges are relationship-based. None of us had a storybook family, and now that your adult child STILL needs your help sometimes it’s complicated. Old wounds resurface, family of origin issues play out, and siblings relationships regress.

We’ve experienced it all, and we know how to make things a little bit easier emotionally – for everyone involved

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