Working at Plumeria Counseling Center – Licensed Therapists (LPCs, LCSWs, and LMFTs)

Multi- Cultural People

Why work at Plumeria? We offer the opportunity to work with a thriving practice where you can focus on providing counseling, and not all the administrative concerns that can take up precious hours in your week. Plumeria is not a ‘typical’ group practice. Instead we offer the best of a private practice environment – lots of autonomy and flexibility, with all of the necessary administrative supports.

Plumeria is actually a small, family-owned, LOCAL group practice – and NOT a large corporate entity. Making the choice to stay independent in the counseling profession is a decision driven by a profound desire for meaningful connections and personalized care – and the desire for autonomy. At Plumeria, you become an integral part of a tight-knit team where your voice matters, and your ideas are valued. This environment is more conducive to building genuine, long-lasting relationships with your colleagues and clients. Here, you can provide counseling services with a personal touch, tailoring your approach to each individual’s unique needs. You’ll have the freedom to practice with autonomy and flexibility, free from the bureaucratic red tape often found in larger corporations. Why would you start a private practice, just to be treated like an employee of a large health care system? Isn’t that JUST what you are trying to get away from?

Joining Plumeria as one of our partner therapists means you’re not just an employee; you’re a trusted partner in our business and brand. With Plumeria you can achieve your mission of helping individuals navigate their mental health journeys, making a profound impact on their lives, while also finding fulfillment and balance in your own.

Michelle Zadrozny, LCSW-S has a unique perspective and approach to private group practice. Michelle has 20 years of social work expertise – including at the individual, community, and organizational level.

I facilitate a supportive, collaborative environment that seeks to uphold the highest standards of our profession. I compassionately support therapists in connecting to their individual strengths and passions, while challenging themselves toward their greatest potential.

I will take a personal interest in your success. I am invested and committed to the social work core values, and I will support you in deepening your clinical skills while making self care a priority – instilling good, healthy habits for a life long enriching career at the highest level of clinical licensure.

  • Self Starter, enjoy working for yourself, on your own terms
  • Highly committed to your own self care practice
  • Engaged in continuing learning opportunities to deepen your skills and practice
  • Desire to start a private practice for some time – or have had one – but do NOT want all the administrative functions/responsibilities that come along with a busy practice
  • Can commit to 15-20 hours a week at a minimum, virtual or in person (very flexible according to your schedule)
  • Willingness to see Insurance clients (we handle all credentialing and billing)
  • Contract worker status – you are your own boss
  • Office manager and receptionist services
  • Full insurance credentialing (no upfront costs)
  • Billing services (including insurance)
    • Get paid within Plumeria pay period – no wait for insurance payments
    • Plumeria handles all denials/appeals
    • All payments collected from clients
  • Scheduling and reception services – all calls returned within 24 hours
  • Access to Theranest clinical record software
  • Percentage of Insurance payments OR hourly fee for private practice (pay ONLY for space used)
  • You set your own private practice rates ($135 and up)
  • Monthly lunch and learns
  • Ongoing and on demand peer consultation
  • Monthly bonus for working over 20 hours per week
  • Warm, supportive community of 20+ therapists of various skills and backgrounds

Therapist Testimonials

“I am a fully licensed clinical social worker at Plumeria and have been since 2020. I have seen my client base increase substantially since joining. Prior to joining Plumeria, I ran my business as a solo practitioner and this was challenging. To scale up, I needed to out source my administrative tasks. This required trust and the understanding of my own financial resources.

Plumeria is a place that a newly licensed therapist can begin a successful practice. Seasoned therapists benefit as well as they can focus on delivering high quality counseling without the burden of administrative functions therefore generating more billable hours.”

-Laura Jo, Therapist 

“I have worked in a variety of agency settings and have always struggled to find an employer that truly had my best interest and those of my clients at heart at each stage of my career. It felt too good to be true (and still does!) when I found Plumeria because they really do have people’s best interest at heart and that has made all the difference in my quality of life and work.

I onboarded at Plumeria looking for a better work-life balance and more ownership over my therapeutic work than I had in previous settings.. What I appreciate most about Plumeria is that they meet you exactly where you are at in your personal and professional life and work tirelessly and compassionately to help you meet your desired goals. Their approachability, support, flexibility, generosity, and efficiency is unmatched among group private practices in the Austin area. As I continue to grow and change in my personal and professional life, I am so very grateful to Plumeria for providing the environment to make that growth possible.”

-Hava, Therapist

“Being a therapist is one of the most life-giving experiences. I get the honor of walking alongside people in their healing journey, listening to and witnessing the depths of someone’s suffering and the heights of their recovery and resilience. I can’t think of a better way to spend my time and energy. As therapists, we also have administrative work to attend to, work that is important but can be less meaningful and life-giving than our work with individuals and groups. 

The incredible team at Plumeria allows me to invest my time and energy in heart-centered work with clients while they carefully and ethically handle the administrative work that would otherwise cause me to leave a profession that is not only rewarding but desperately needed in today’s world.”

-FAITH, Therapist

Plumeria Counseling Center’s Post-Graduate Clinical Associate Program

Part of what makes Plumeria Counseling Center unique is that we operate as a teaching clinic, meaning we utilize master-level post-graduate associates, along with fully licensed professionals, to provide counseling services to the community. This allows us to offer clinical services for fees that are more affordable to people at various income levels.

The ideals of Quality Service and Excellence in Counseling are at the heart of everything we do at Plumeria. We only accept the most advanced and talented associates to provide services to our clients. Our carefully selected post-graduate associates are supervised by highly experienced and qualified licensed professionals, and have proven themselves as excellent service providers and mentors.

For Post-Graduate Associates Interested in Applying 

As an associate clinician at Plumeria, you are working in an autonomous, private practice setting. As such, we prefer that you have at least 2 years of paid work experience in the mental health field. You set your own hours and practice in a contract capacity.  You will have access to private office space for client sessions, advertising and marketing through Plumeria’s website, reception services (appointment setting, some client referrals), and basic forms, policies, and supplies necessary to provide services to your clients. Plumeria offers a supportive atmosphere where you will have access to the Clinical Director, as well as multiple therapists in a variety of specialties –  in addition to your primary, designated licensed supervisor. We want to ensure that you always have access to support, whether you’d like to do a quick case consult regarding a client, have a practical question, or need clarification on procedure. We also offer ongoing support and coaching on marketing your skills in a private practice setting.

To all applicants looking for a practicum placement: 

Thank you for your interest! We are not currently accepting applications for pre-graduate student interns at this time.

What do we need from you?

A minimum of 10 hours of availability per week, and the commitment and drive to build your own practice. Launching a private practice, even in an internship context, takes time and energy – lots of it! Are you committed to see this through? Are you prepared to spend time working on your business – outside of your client hours? We can provide you with some referrals – but to get people calling and asking for YOU will require more of your unique effort.

Because options for paid internships in a private practice setting in the Austin community are very limited, the number of open Associate positions at Plumeria is limited and very selective. Maintaining a maximum number of First Year & Senior Associates at any given time affords our associate clinicians the time and ability to build a respectable client caseload, and to access a solid support team to assist in working with that caseload. We offer a regularly scheduled (monthly) peer consultation and lunch and learns, open to both interns and licensed professionals, and the Clinical Director is always available for issues that arise.

At the end of the internship, Plumeria’s associates may be invited to remain a member of our practice, if mutually desired.

To Apply – Licensed Therapists or Post-Graduate Clinical Associates

Simply email with the following attachments:

  • Resume
  • Letter of Interest, including responses to each of the following questions:

Why do you want to work with Plumeria?

What are your top 5 Strengths? In what 2 areas do you struggle most?

How has your previous experience prepared you for the challenges of working with a variety of clients? (Include your therapeutic orientation and approach).

Tell us more about your desire to launch a private practice. Why now? How has your life prepared you and motivated you to start your own business?