Group therapy allows for ‘here and now’ processing, where the group naturally becomes a microcosm for the issues and conflicts that arise in personal relationships. Group therapy is much more dynamic and facilitates faster growth than individual therapy alone. The group becomes a safe container to process the challenging emotions and behaviors that come up in personal relationships.

Plumeria has 2 ongoing psychotherapy groups:

“Women Over 60” Group has a primary support function and focuses on the life transition issues that are relevant to women over 60 years old. Themes include changing relationships to work, creating meaning and purpose at this stage of life (versus stagnation), challenges with adult children, and issues of mortality. Most group members are in a caregiver role. This group meets on Tuesdays (twice a month) 5-6:30pm, and Wednesdays (twice a month) 6-7:30pm.

“General Women’s Processing Group” is made up of women in their late 20s to 40s, and themes include career challenges, interpersonal relationships, life transitions, and discovering/opening up to one’s identity as an adult. This group meets on Thursdays (twice a month) 6:30-8pm

Both of these groups are psycho-dynamic, ‘here and now’  processing groups, with an emphasis on increasing self-awareness and improving interpersonal relationships. Each group is limited to 6 participants and is a long term, ongoing group. $140 per month, insurance not accepted.

Got questions or want to enroll?

Call Plumeria to schedule with Michelle Zadrozny, LCSW-S, for an individual assessment 512-344-9181. Purpose of assessment is to cover group norms and expectations, assess clinical appropriateness, and determine if group will be a good fit.


All sessions are via secure Video Telecounseling (Zoom) platform.