Jill Montgomery, LCSW - Plumeria Counseling

Jill Montgomery, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Jill has been in social work for nearly 40  years. She grew up in Southern Illinois and earned her Master’s degree from the kKent School of Social Work, University of Louisville, Louisvile, Kentucky in 1968. Her undergraduate work was in Sociology and Psychology. During the Poverty Programs, Jill did internships in Settlement and Children’s Homes and in a V.A. Hospital in Kentucky. When the abortion law was passed in 1970, Jill then developed programs to find adoptive homes from all over the U.S. for children. Moving to Austin in 1978, a broader spectrum of social work experience ensued, such as working with individuals with developmental needs, the elderly and counseling individuals and couples over the age of 16 who were experiencing various aspects of life adjustment issues. Jill also keeps busy teaching yoga, managing her rental properties and performing in her band “The Studebakers”. She is a single parent of two older children adopted from Russia. She enjoys camping, traveling, reading a a good cup of coffee!

Specializations: ADD/ADHD, anger management, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, childhood abuse, college-aged issues, depression, dual / diagnosis, divorce, grief / loss, menopause, midlife and elderly.