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Internships at Plumeria

Plumeria Counseling Center’s Internship Program

Part of what makes Plumeria Counseling Center unique is that we operate as a teaching clinic, meaning we utilize master-level post-graduate interns, along with fully licensed professionals, to provide counseling services to the community. This allows us to offer clinical services for fees that are more affordable to people at various income levels.

The ideals of Quality Service and Excellence in Counseling are at the heart of everything we do at Plumeria. We only accept the most advanced and talented interns to provide services to our clients. Our carefully selected post-graduate interns are supervised by highly experienced and qualified licensed professionals, and have proven themselves as excellent service providers and mentors.

For Post-Graduate Interns Interested in Applying 
As an intern clinician at Plumeria, you are working in an autonomous, private practice setting. As such, we prefer that you have at least 2 years of paid work experience in the mental health field. You set your own hours and practice in a contract capacity.  You will have access to private office space for client sessions, advertising and marketing through Plumeria’s website, reception services (appointment setting, some client referrals), and basic forms, policies, and supplies necessary to provide services to your clients. Plumeria offers a supportive atmosphere where you will have access to the Clinical Director, as well as multiple therapists in a variety of specialties –  in addition to your primary, designated licensed supervisor. We want to ensure that you always have access to support, whether you’d like to do a quick case consult regarding a client, have a practical question, or need clarification on procedure. We also offer ongoing support and coaching on marketing your skills in a private practice setting.

What do we need from you? A minimum of 10 hours of availability per week, and the commitment and drive to build your own practice. Launching a private practice, even in an internship context, takes time and energy – lots of it! Are you committed to see this through? Are you prepared to spend time working on your business – outside of your client hours? We can provide you with some referrals – but to get people calling and asking for YOU will require more of your unique effort.

Because options for paid internships in a private practice setting in the Austin community are very limited, the number of open Intern positions at Plumeria is limited and very selective. Maintaining a maximum number of First Year & Senior Interns at any given time affords our intern clinicians the time and ability to build a respectable client caseload, and to access a solid support team to assist in working with that caseload. We offer a regularly scheduled (monthly) peer consultation and lunch and learns, open to both interns and licensed professionals, and the Clinical Director is always available for issues that arise.

At the end of the internship, Plumeria’s interns may be invited to remain a member of our practice, if mutually desired.

To Apply

Simply email with the following attachments:

  • Resume
  • Letter of Interest, including responses to each of the following questions

Why do you want to work with Plumeria?

What are your top 5 Strengths? In what 2 areas do you struggle most?

How has your previous experience prepared you for the challenges of working with a variety of clients? (Include your therapeutic orientation and approach).

Tell us more about your desire to launch a private practice. Why now? How has your life prepared you and motivated you to start your own business?