What to expect from a professionally facilitated support group:

This will be a time-limited and repeating group limited to 8 members. This means that group members commit to their personal growth and support to each other for a definite period (3 months). Members can expect to grow through an experience of increasing self-awareness, getting in touch with default coping strategies, and challenging unhealthy behavioral and relational habits. The group experience often serves as a ‘microcosm’ of a member’s own experience with family and other relationships, so group process allows for more rapid and dynamic growth than can occur in individual therapy alone. Laura Jo offers this group to persons who are regarded as “graduates” of the individual therapy format. What members will be exposed to: 

  • Mindfulness skills – Teach awareness of thoughts and feelings, and implement the concept that urges, ideas, and feelings do not always require immediate action. The focus is on the here and now, the present moment.
    • Interpersonal effectiveness skills – These skills allow the group member to resolve conflicts, attend to relationships, get objectives met, and maintain one’s self-respect. What gets worked out in group, gets worked out in life.
    • Conflict Resolution Skills – Interpersonal relationships are rife with conflicts, especially when substance abuse or co-dependency is a factor. In being confronted with triggers for interpersonal conflicts in group, the member has an opportunity to learn healthy coping and communication skills.
    • Distress tolerance skills – These skills assist with tolerating painful events and emotions. Outcomes of this work include reduced stress, being able to recognize and manage one’s own emotions, improving both verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and developing a healthier self-concept and perhaps more acceptance.
    • Community Building – Laura Jo is Social Worker and thus has a foundation steeped in a person-centered, person-in-environment, and systems perspective approach. People function as

Got questions or want to enroll?

Email Plumeria to schedule with Laura Jo for an individual assessment reception@plumeriacounseling.com. Purpose of assessment is to cover group norms and expectations, assess clinical appropriateness, and determine if group will be a good fit.


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