It takes openness and bravery to access support and explore the fullness of who you are. I hope that the information offered on these pages helps you realize you’re not alone in your struggles. Looking at planned and unplanned changes and the challenges life has to offer within a field of acceptance and partnership can lead to greater awareness and possibilities.

Throughout many years of providing direct care, I have helped clients navigate complex medical diagnoses and conditions, major behavioral disorders, deat h and dying as well as adoption complexities. My work has guided individual adults of all ages as well as couples and families as they journey through suffering resulting from both anticipated and sudden change or loss. Avoiding distress by pushing it away, overdoing or using distraction can lead to repeated patterns of behavior that no longer serve; in turning towards the crisis or discomfort however, a new path can be forged.

By offering space, deep listening, compassion and gentle inquiry, I’ve partnered with clients to relate from their true selves, improve mood, explore relationships, access further support, work through trauma, deal with life transitions, process losses and increase coping skills.

On a personal note, I grew up in a small Texas town and went on to earn my social work degree through the University of Texas at Austin. Having witnessed and experienced the impact of ethnicity and culture while employed at the hugely diverse Texas Medical Center in Houston, I recognize how we are affected by systems in our society that promote hierarchy, judgement, isolation, overworking and competition. Paying attention to the influence of our individual environments, as well as the hidden parts of us that long to be seen and heard, can also assist in recognizing needs and visioning what lies ahead. I have found mindfulness, meditation, support/community groups, yoga, nature and somatic work to be helpful with understanding and dealing with the human experience of suffering.

With intention and commitment, you can move towards greater personal understanding, acceptance and change. Together, we can cultivate such energy and begin this exploration. If you have questions or are interested in learning more about starting therapy, please reach out to me through our staff at Plumeria. I look forward to getting to know you!