I am passionate about helping others on their life journey. As your therapist, I aspire to create a
space for you to figure out who you are, embrace your true self, and discover your story.

My therapeutic approach is rooted in mindfulness, solutions-focused, and narrative therapies. In
therapy sessions, I like to guide you through the process of exploration and reflection, helping
you to become more present, gain clarity, and identify actionable steps towards positive change.
With a focus on helping people get unstuck and their journey towards self-acceptance, I want to
empower you to rewrite your narrative, heal from past wounds, and embrace a future filled with
hope and personal growth. I’m someone who is genuinely interested in each person’s unique
story, challenges, strengths and I would love to get to know you.

I am a social worker passionate about relationships, creativity and social justice. In my free time
you can most often find me indulging in reality tv, reading books or finding a new creative outlet.

I obtained my Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) from the UT Austin School of Social
Work. I have developed a profound understanding of trauma with my experience working with
survivors of trafficking, people experiencing homelessness across different life stages.

Pronouns: She / Her