Do you need help with managing some intense emotions…. thoughts that you now realize may NOT be helpful? I can help you move towards change. You are already reading this, right now, so you are beginning to move towards an action for change. I have a rather direct approach and use humor to reframe situations, which my clients find helpful. I incorporate learning into your treatment through use of videos, handouts, books, and articles.

My goal and responsibility in treatment is to create a trusting, collaborative approach to helping resolve the discourse in a person’s experience of current Life. I will utilize my training in trauma, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, sobriety/recovery as frameworks for the personal work. I honor all my clients’ wisdom and their desire promote their resilience. As a social worker, I work with the person in their environment so that means that I work towards integrating my work at the community level.

I am an entrepreneur, clinical social worker supervisor, fifth generation Texan, and Tejana.  I bring over two decades of experience with a unique blending of executive leadership, business and behavioral health. My expertise is grounded in the ability to deliver results with a “boutique” consultation style that weaves in creativity, technology and a deep understanding of complex mental health issues. Additionally, I have committed myself to creating a bridge to build capacity to clean up clutter in the mind, disorganized programs and hoarded homes.

I empower my clients through utilizing a strengths based perspective, systems theory and evidenced based interventions to promote healthy individuals, families, and communities. I also facilitate groups to address hoarding concerns. Some of these group/community services are: Clutters Anonymous, Adult Children of Hoarders, CBT groups for hoarding disorder.