You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about what therapy is or isn’t. I think therapy is hard to define because it takes on a different meaning and trajectory for each person. Therapy is not linear nor is it easy, but it is profound. Therapy is not something I do to you; it is something I do with you. Together, we team up to gain insight and growth.

There are two miracles of the human brain that have convinced me of the power of therapy.

One miracle is that our brains are plastic, capable of adapting and editing themselves throughout our entire lives. No matter our age or stage, we can better understand and change our life story. Another miracle is that our brains are wired for connection. No matter our age or stage, we can develop secure relationships that ensure our survival. I will always incorporate theories and teachings that stem from these miracles, but ultimately our therapy will end up being unique to you. I believe you already possess the materials for a meaningful life.

I enjoy working with individuals, groups, and families long-term because I believe good therapy takes time. I tend to work well with 20-somethings, creative people, career changers, people managing chronic health conditions, and people with intergenerational family issues. If you don’t fall into those categories, it is certainly not a dealbreaker. I don’t want to put either of us in a box. I have experience working with many other demographics in individual, group, and family settings.

Thanks for considering therapy. I look forward to meeting you.