I am a self-proclaimed Human Potentialist because I believe that every person has a vast amount of unrealized potential within, but destabilizing life events, traumas, chronic stress, conditioning, and the need to protect ourselves from the world hardens our hearts and cut us off from our true essence and the potential to experience a life full of love, joy, and creativity. Feeling love, being love, and belonging here is our birthright.

I work and live at the intersection of Social Work and Business and spend my time, energy, and talents on improving the lives of others by co-creating the conditions for people to flourish – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and financially.

I take a human-centered and loving approach with clients and am committed to helping people become the highest and best version of themselves, whatever that may mean to the individual. You should also know that I hold people accountable for creating a life they deserve and want, so my loving approach means that I will bring to your attention, as a reflection, not a judgment, when what you are doing is not aligned with what you say you want and need. This is part of raising your self-awareness, an essential part of the change process.

I believe real change happens (and lasts) when the client engages in and helps guide their growth and transformation. My role is to meet you where you are and create a therapeutic alliance with you to experience safety, trust, and support in your healing and transformation journey.

I understand that we are often a prisoner of our mind, and the path to our essence is through deep inner work and reflection, allowing personal insights and integration of such insights to guide us back home to our loving nature, restoring safety and harmony in mind, body, and spirit.

My higher purpose in life is to liberate and empower the human spirit. I look forward to walking alongside you in your journey toward healing and integrating your Essence. You are loved.

Therapeutic Approaches:

I Work with people 18 and over.

  • Insight-Oriented Therapy (Psychodynamic) 
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 
  • Narrative Therapy 
  • Logotherapy 
  • Solution Focused Approach 
  • Humanistic Approach 
  • Systems Approach 
  • Feminist Therapy 
  • Task-Centered/Problem-Solving Therapy