Wherever you are on your life’s journey, you continue to grow. And like a tree you might not always notice it during stormy weather, but under the surface you continue to expand and gain strengths during the most challenging seasons of your life. My mission is to help clients find inner peace, mental clarity, and experience their true strengths. I will assist you gently through the healing process as you develop new awareness and discover inner resources that will lead you to inner peace and mental clarity. I see the whole person and will encourage you to assess various aspects of your life and implement small but vital routines, including simple coping methods that are within your control and pace. During our journey together, we will work on improving the present moment first. This is a vital step as it prepares you to feel at ease when we gradually access more deeply rooted traumas to further lessen the load you carry. Service is my core value. I divide my work schedule between seeing patients at a hospital setting and in private practice. I draw from multiple approaches and principles to include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, somatic approaches, spirituality, and neuroscience. Additionally, I completed the EMDR certification program and use this method often to help my clients whose bodies “keep the score.”

Pronounce: She, Her, Hers.