Life can feel so chaotic and overwhelming, and trying to find help in the midst of that is hard. You’re making forward progress if you’re looking! Maybe you’re curious about therapy, just want life to make more sense, or you are ready to dive in to solve some problems. In any case, I’d be honored to meet with you on your journey. It may seem nearly impossible in the thick of it, but therapy can help you order your inner world so you can feel less buffeted by anxiety, depression, emotional stress, health problems, or just reading the headlines. Many of us fear our emotions overtaking us or try to ignore them so we can carry on with our lives when they are, ironically, an incredible resource to fully living our lives. (Once we know how to feel it and what to do with it, our often-dreaded anger is actually essential for our intelligence and the energy to solve our problems.)

I am Systems-oriented and continuing to train in Systems-Centered Therapy (it’s okay if that doesn’t mean anything to you–I think of it as “mindfulness” meets “conflict resolution”.) My focus is on what is going on with you right now and hearing you with my whole self. I may direct you to what you can discover more than what you already know (more gut-level knowing than brain knowing) with the goal of getting someplace new. I’ve worked for many years in hospice care, have had my own cancer experience, and know that big scary life events can be a catalyst for growth as well as really big and scary. I’m still learning how to raise kids, care for parents, and hopefully continue to thrive in my 20+ year marriage. If you are interested in possibly working together, I’d love to hear from you.

Pronouns: She, Her, Hers